Financial Assistance Qualifications

To be considered for “Shella Foundation financial assistance,”  applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be limited in daily living activities due to illness, injury, birth or age related related difficulties and must require a primary caregiver.

  • Financial assistance may be awarded to assist and relieve the primary caregiver.

  • Applicants must have utilized or been denied other funding options for Respite or In-Home care such as:

    • Resource Centers of California (ICRC)

    • Alzheimer’s Association

    • In-Home Support Services (MediCal)

  • Regional Centers of California (special circumstances may be considered for Regional Center Consumers currently receiving Respite that may require additional services)

Financial assistance shall be limited to 50% of current In-Home Care rates ($22.00/hour as of August 2017) for periods of 4-24 hours per assistance with a maximum of 48-hours per 12-month period.

Special financial assistance equal to 100% of then current rates may be considered for emergency situations of 4-8 hours per assistance with a maximum of 16-hours per 12-months.

elderly woman with caregiver

The Shella Foundation financial assistance program helps reduce the cost of respite care for families caring for loved ones. Contact one of our specialists today for more information, call (951) 723-8460.


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