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Respite care is designed to give carers a break for a limited period of time. Someone else provides care so the carer can go on holiday, attend to everyday activities or just relax. Sometimes a carer might need emergency respite care if, for example, they get sick or need to go to hospital. At Shellacare we will be happy to assist you and get your questions answered.

End-of-life patients receiving hospice services are eligible for “respite care,” defined and covered by the Medicare hospice benefit. Hospice respite care allows a family caregiver to get a break from caregiving duties while the patient is cared for in a Medicare-certified inpatient facility.

Medicare will cover most of the cost of up to 5 days in a row of respite care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility for a person receiving hospice care. Medicaid also may offer assistance. Medicaid (Medical in California) also may offer assistance.

If family and friends can't always step in, respite care may be a possibility. Your social worker will be able to discuss all the options and organize the care. Alternatively, you could pay for respite care privately. Find out more about carers' breaks and respite care.

Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid care givers of children with a developmental delay, children with behavioral problems, adults with an intellectual disability, and adults with cognitive loss in order to support and maintain the primary care giving.

Your local council or local carers' centre can give you information about local support. Find your nearest local carers' centre or respite service. Or easier yet contact Shellacare and let us assist you.


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